Healthy RV Burger Recipe

A wise man once said, “Eat whatever you want – just cook it yourself.” And that is the moment our obsession with Michael Pollan, his book Cooked, and finding a way to produce our own food started.

Healthy RV burger recipe

Before we lived in the RV, we had to travel a lot for work and would end up eating food that wasn’t too good for us. Moving into the RV was a freeing moment because we were able to take our food and our kitchen with us wherever we went.

We LOVE the idea of producing our own food for ourselves, and one day, we hope to take that concept to the next level with a full garden of herbs and vegetables and even hunting for our meat. While some of that is not attainable yet, one thing is, and that is making sourdough!

Sourdough has been the key to our food journey while on the road.

Because sourdough bread uses a starter (a living colony of wild yeast) instead of conventional yeast, there are so many health benefits when it comes to sourdough. Our personal favorites are that it is a guilt-free carb and it makes our tummies feel great! 

We like to keep our meals simple, clean, and delicious. In order to do that, we focus on the ingredients of what we are eating rather than complicated cooking methods. That way we have good tasting, healthy meals consistently that don’t take us too long to make (which is important when you live in an RV and want to go explore the world around you!)

One of those meals we like to think we have perfected is our burger recipe 😋 There is nothing better than a good burger, grilled on our badass outdoor kitchen grill (thanks East to West), with a cold beer in hand.



If you want to give our healthy RV burger recipe a try, here is what you need! 

  • Sourdough Buns

Tyler loves to make sourdough from scratch, but we know not everyone will be into that as much as him, so you can also buy sourdough from a store. To be sure that it’s a true sourdough, just look for ONLY flour, water, and salt in the ingredients list. Some will even list ‘starter’ or ‘sourdough starter’ in the ingredients, but as long as it doesn’t list yeast as a separate ingredient,  then you’ve probably got yourself real sourdough!

(If you are interested in making your own sourdough, check out our friend Hannah’s substantial sourdough blog, Make It Dough, and her new book, Sourdough Every Day. We use a ton of the recipes from her book, and it also walks you through how to make your own sourdough starter!)


  • Grass-fed/pasture-raised beef patties

We usually look for this type of meat when we go shopping and focus more on the conditions the cattle were raised in. Another health fact we’re obsessed with: the fat in beef is actually healthier for you if the cows have been able to eat grass, turning a hamburger into a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids…

  • Grass-fed/pasture-raised cheese

Same goes for the cheese. Our personal favorites for the burgers are provolone and cheddar!

cheese and beef-09


This mayo is a game-changer for burgers and even BLTs. Primal Kitchen is one of our favorite brands because they make a bunch of sauces with only healthy ingredients like avocado oil, no fillers, and no added sugar. And of course, they’re DELICIOUS!

Made by Primal Kitchen. Enough said. 👍

  • Mustard

You know what is surprising? Almost all mustards we’ve seen are pretty good when it comes to the ingredients they have, but if you want to truly go with one of the best, look for ones that use turmeric for natural coloring.

primal kitchen condiments-09


  • toppings

This is where you can deviate a little to make the perfect burger for you, but if you want a true Wild Hixsons burger, we like to add pickles, lettuce, and occasionally caramelized onions.



  • Side Dish

No good meal is ever complete without a bomb side dish. We love to pair brussels sprouts cooked in bacon fat with our burgers. You may call us crazy, but we think it’s even better than fries as a side!


There you have it, our delicious, healthy RV burger recipe. We hope you try this out for yourselves and love it as much as we do! Please excuse us now and as we run to go cook us up some burgers. 😉

Happy cooking 🧑‍🍳

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