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Wild Hixsons Tyler Andrea Sitting header

Hi, we’re Tyler & Andrea!

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We are full-time adventure seekers taking on the world in our East to West RV! After seeing so much personal growth during our first year of nomad life, we wanted to find a way to capture all of those moments and share them with the world. So, we created Wild Hixsons.
We are both passionate about photography, videography, podcasting, and storytelling, and we found a way to make it our full-time job and our creative outlet. Before we started our life on the road, we were stuck doing the wrong kind of traveling: never home and never able to actually enjoy the places we went. We didn’t want to miss out on any of the comforts of being home or any of the adventure of traveling, so we started searching for a way to be both always home and always traveling. And that is why we chose RV life.
The nomad life is challenging, but we’ve found that the challenge is part of what makes it beautiful, and our goal is to inspire others to chase after their dreams and always seek adventure in whatever they do.

We’re excited to have you along for the ride!

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Top 5 Things

We Have Learned While On the Road

1. When you break one rule, the rest becoming easier to break too.
2. Life gets better when you do harder things. Seek discomfort.
3. We need so much less stuff than we thought.
4. Great adventures happen when you least expect them. Expect nothing, enjoy everything.
5. Home isn’t a place.

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