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We love being outside, enjoying nature, and exploring the wild! But, because of the nature of our work, we find ourselves in towns and cities pretty often. Although cities aren’t always our first choice, we have learned to embrace the good parts of every place we visit. There’s a lot of fun to be had in a city, and it can be a great place to get reorganized and set up for your next boondocking or remote experience, and that is exactly what we did in Kansas City. 

Kansas City

After all, ‘everything’s up to date in Kansas City’ 😆 including us, so here are some things we make sure we do every time we’re in a big city.

Order Mail & Packages

We like to take advantage of the faster shipping times that come along with being in a city, so we order everything we need from Amazon and other stores. Since we usually stay in a city for at least a couple of weeks, we also take the opportunity to forward our mail from our mailbox at Escapees. And it’s a great time to ship out any returns or things we might need to send to families or friends too!

Catch Up On Chores

Now is the time to take advantage of amenities and unlimited water! After our latest boondocking trip, our RV was a little dirty, so we were able to clean out our floor mats and do a deep clean on the bathroom and kitchen since we didn’t have to worry about our water consumption as much. We also had a stockpile of dirty laundry, so we took advantage of the surprisingly nice laundry machines at our RV park and got to work! These were especially exciting because they took credit cards. 😎

Visit Your Bank

You may not have thought of this one if you’re not used to the RV park laundry life! We were super excited to have laundry machines that took credit cards in our RV park here, but most of the time, it’s only quarters. The last thing we want is to run around to unfamiliar banks to get quarters before we can even start laundry day. Whenever we can, this is something we always try to get ahead on, and we are always more likely to find our bank in a large city. It’s also a great time to do any other necessary banking or account management (like finally changing your last name on your bank account a year and a half after your wedding😬).

Personal Upkeep

There is no better time to get a haircut, massage, or see a doctor than when you are staying in a city! Andrea took advantage of a lot of these in Kansas City with a new haircut 💇‍♀️ and relaxing massage 💆‍♀️. We have learned that you don’t have to give up the little things like getting your hair done or getting a massage when choosing the RV lifestyle. If it’s important to you, it’s easy enough to fold it into the lifestyle when you’re in town.

Join a Gym

When you are visiting a city, it is a fantastic time to dive into your hobbies and interests that involve other humans! If you are going to be in an area for a few weeks or even a month, get a membership to gyms or classes that inspire you. In Kansas City, Andrea joined a rock climbing gym and Tyler has been enjoying rolling around at a jiu-jitsu gym. This is probably our favorite part of getting to go to different cities. It’s a great way to get a feeling for the culture of the city and the type of people who live there while doing something we enjoy! Plus, by doing these activities in so many different places all over the country, we get to meet so many different people and learn from some of the best!

Go To Fancy Stores

The convenience and variety of shopping in a city are definitely one of the biggest perks. We tend to live our lives pretty minimally, but when it comes to good, clean food we will go on an all-out shopping spree! Sometimes it can be hard to find specialty grocery stores in small towns, so when we are in a city we always make sure to hit up Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and Whole Foods. If clothes, electronics, or eating at fancy restaurants are more your speed, then this is your chance to get your fix!

shopping at grocery store

Take Advantage of Good Internet Speeds

Whenever we have good internet speeds we do alllllll the things like watching movies, FaceTiming friends and family, getting ahead on work, and uploading MASSIVE amounts of footage. Maybe that last one is just us, but when you own a marketing company and love photography and filmmaking,  you end up with a lot of footage.

Well, there you have it, RV life in the big city! Cities aren’t always how we picture the exciting adventure of RV life, but since we’ve started to understand what to look for, we have really started to enjoy RVing in cities. Even nature-hippie Andrea really looks forward to visiting her favorite cities! 😊

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