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American Jiujiteira

a feature-length documentary by the Wild Hixsons

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Brazilian jiu jitsu is catching people’s attention nationwide, and it’s not just men who are becoming obsessed. Across the country, women are showing up to classes and competitions, earning advanced belts, and changing the future of the sport. These are not just any women; these are self-possessed, confident, courageous women who aren’t afraid to fight. What I want to find out is: Are extraordinary women simply drawn to jiu jitsu? Or does jiu jitsu sculpt extraordinary women?

This is the story of my own first steps into Brazilian jiu jitsu, and it’s the story behind the powerful American Jiujiteiras I meet in my travels. But most importantly, American Jiujiteira is the story of how engaging with conflict can empower a woman to find strength she didn’t know she had.

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